Instagram Abundance

Get your Instagram tribe growing, engaging, buying and repeating, while making a meaningful imprint on + off the APP.

Do you have a love / hate relationship with Instagram?


  • browsing for inspiration
  • getting follow, comment and message notifications on your phone
  • connecting + working with wonderful people around the globe
  • having a FREE platform that hooks a sistah up with some serious business opportunities

However, YOU HATE:

  • waking up to an addictive urge to check your phone first thing in the morning, only to find NO new followers, NO engagement on your latest post, NO new sales on your website or blog, and NO motivation to keep going.

I FEEL YOU!!!! Girl, I was there…. And it hurt.

Lets just say it went as far as my self-esteem plummeting when we weren’t growing as fast, and even more frustrating, the tribe we did have didn’t seem as interested anymore… OR WERE THEY??

The new algorithm was a pain in my BOOTAY!

Our sales suffered, our growth stunted and our morale melted.

BUT, there was a HUGE turning point.

I went cray cray and researched like a mad woman, interviewed specialists, surveyed corporate companies and small businesses and had some SERIOUS REVELATIONS! (Insert celestial church chant here)

I began to implement a new step-by-step system with my team that has changed our INSTAGRAM GAME FOREVER!!!

(without having to freak out about every change that happens on IG from here on out OR spend hours a day on the app.)


  • You’re waking up to a healthy morning routine that does NOT include checking your phone because you no longer have Instagram-anxiety or obsession
  • Your following is increasing by 70-100 people per day
  • Each post is going off the chain with likes and comments
  • Your sales and/or blog views are increasing by 30-50% because of the faithful Instagram tribe you’ve built
  • Your followers are not just one-time customers, but long term clients that keep buying from you
  • You’re living off of that thing you LOVE to do and actually enjoying your life! Say what?
  • Your Instagram account is a juicy little magnet for your dream audience, (you know those people you’d like in real life), a bubbling community of engaged fans, and the top sales generator for your business or blog? Can I get a, heck yes??

Here’s a secret… This COULD be you!

Not as in a cheesy, “as seen on TV” ad that shows some unrealistic expectation if you buy this or that…This is legitimately my story. Lived, tried and true!


See, as a Magazine that has all three business offerings (content, service and product), I’ve had to develop ninja skills in understanding the strategy that works best for each. I’ll break them down in a sec.

I’ve consulted numerous companies and brands (large and small) on :

  • understanding the Instagram language + DNA
  • to the the psychology of human interaction
  • the art of creative direction
  • the science of content creation
  • the algorithm characteristics that Instagram favors
  • time-saving strategies for solo-preneurs
  • managing on a tiny budget. (or NO budget)

So…. don't worry girl! You’re in the right place.



Ain’t nobody got time for that. You’re saving ALL the hours, days and months I’ve spent gathering all the info you need in SUPER POWERED nuggets of Insgram wisdom in order to reach YOUR GOALS WAY FASTER!!!


You’ll no longer throw hopeful dollars at any shiny new opportunity that may or may not seem to work. Now you’ll actually KNOW what works and the desperation of throwing your eggs into everyone else’s basket is so OVER! Your babies are hatching in one place, and that’s YOUR nest!!


You’ll create some of the most soulfully delicious + strategic content that will gain the trust of your tribe. Guess what the means? MORE VISIBILITY, MORE SALES, MORE FANS, MORE SPONSORSHIPS, MORE errrthang! Get ready boo. Get ready!


Why would you play the trial and error game for the 68th time only to discover that you have to try, yet again? YOU DON’T! Thank the Laaawwddd for that! You’ll have the tested and easy-to-follow system that we use, and LOVEEE! For good reasons!

5)- LESS OVERWHELM: (no more head banging against the wall.)

Instead of having to come up with every theory about what could work and how you can get your IG game on fleek, we’ll lovingly hand you the tools, strategies, planning resources and ERRRTHANGGG you’re gonna need to get ‘r done, and enjoy it too! No more aimless procrastination.


Instead of having to yell and scream at the top of you’re your little digital lungs to compete with all the noise, and be seen, you’ll now be able to whisper sweet nothings while being the popular kid on the Instagram block!

Oh yeah, as promised…

Here’s a quick breakdown of the three business offerings: (which one are you? Or are you a combination?)

CONTENT-BASED offering would be a blog, digital journal, social media journal, video journal, you tube channel, content agency or online magazine.

SERVICE-BASED offering would be a photography, graphic design, coaching, education, video, writing and anything in which you are servicing a person or company.

would be an online shop, physical store, print magazine, clothing or accessory brand, handmade goods, food, and basically any other product that needs to be produced.

Get started now!

The goal is to BUILD A MEANINGFUL + PROFITABLE BUSINESS, not just a social media following.

BUT Hugette, I have some QUESTIONS...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a course for Instagram beginners?
If you’ve been on Instagram for a while or are just beginning to play around with the app, this course is for you. The bulk of the course is to achieve results in growth, engagement and financial impact at any level. The strategies apply if you have 30 followers or 100,000 followers.
A sistah’s gotta pay bills. Can I afford this?
Can you afford not to? Did you know there are currently 800 million active Instagram users that are at your fingertips foooo FREE? Wouldn’t you wanna know how to access, speak to, wow and convert those people into raving fans and customers? This is one of the most relevant investments you’ll make toward your business. And the return on your investment? Like Woah!
I'm a busy mess!. How will I get through the content?
I get it gurrrlll… Trust me! I’ve made this course margin-friendly. You can complete during your quick lunch breaks or toilet therapy. No rush, no stress! Also, since I get distracted by a fly, I’ve made the process as easy to follow as a child’s coloring book. Easy enough?
How is this Instagram course different from others out there?
The main reason I’m launching this baby is because I LOVE helping women find their voice, use it intentionally and sustainably put food on the table with their gifts. My success is dependant on YOU actualizing your goals. All the information shared here has been thoughtfully compiled and tested by people who give a damn. No scamming people, no sleazy sales pitches, no one-sided gain. I wanna equip you to rise above with integrity.
If I don’t have a business, product or blog yet, should I still join the course?
Let me ask you this, if you don’t yet have the tacos ready for tonight’s dinner, should you still buy the beans, cheese, and jalapeños? Abso-freaking-lutely! See, the sooner you discover the strategies that work on Instagram, the sooner you’ll also understand the best way to position your offering. You’ll know what things to look for, how to market effectively, how to brand your idea and oh-so-much-more, but most importantly how to fully engrave your voice within all that you do.
I’m a ____________. (insert offering or talent here) Is this course for me?
Rememeber the good ol’ breakdown of your goals or offerings? Well, whatever your craft, interest, vision, or industry may be, Instagram Abundance is curated and thought out for YOU. Whether you have a content, service or product based offering, or if you're simply thinking about putting something into the world, this course will help you clarify foundational details.
Do I get some face time with Hugette?
You bet your sweet face! I will have regular Facebook and Instagram live sessions where you can ask any questions and/or receive feedback on anything you may be working on. I'll also be engaged in the Instagram Abundance private Facebook group which you’ll have access to when you purchase the course, as well as the #instagramabundance hashtag. You’re safe here and we will walk you through any trouble.
How long do I have access to this course?
Foooo eva!! You don’t have to worry about forgetting or losing anything around here. It will be available as long as a stale Mc Donald’s French fry in a box. (You remember that viral scandal?!!) Register for Instagram Abundance once and you'll have lifetime access to the materials. You can also get it now to enjoy the early bird special and go through it when you're ready. No pressure, boo!

Think of this as a birthday + Christmas gift combo for your business! (cuz you know it's kinda your baby)


Word on the street is...

"Hugette teaches Instagram in ways that ALL of the other courses I’ve taken (I’VE TAKEN MANY!) have not. It appeals to both my business and marketing mind as well as my creative side. The course teaches you how to relate to your customer on a real level. I have been writing captions that engage and convert like never before in the years that I’ve been on Instagram thanks to this course."

- Bari, Founder, Art + Home by Bari J.

"Since working with Hugette on my Instagram, my business completely changed and GREW unbelievably. I’ve gone from 1,000 to 10,000 in one year and am now working full-time on my business driving sales to my shop primarily from Instagram. Hello, home-preneur! "

- Valeria, Founder, Pachamama Bohemian

"With Hugette’s knowledge + guidance, re-engaging my community on Instagram has been a breeze. For the last two years, I had been beating around the bush, trying to beat the newly implemented algorithms, in a newly saturated market. Hugette not only offers all the necessary tools in this course, but also the most meaningful and efficient ways in which to use them. This course (if you can call it that, because really, I just feel like I am hanging out with an awesome best friend) transcends industries."

- Eliza Sloane, Founder, Eliza Sloane Jewelry

"Since implementing Hugette's strategies within the first two weeks, our Instagram started doubling in engagement and general response to our posts!"

- Izzy, Founder, Prism Creative Group

"Whoever’s been lucky enough to encounter Hugette as a social media consultant or business coach knows the power of her creative strategies and unconventional approach. She teaches clearly which has helped me not only to learn quickly, but also to implement the systems that are now giving me exponential visibility with new audiences and have doubled my engagement and tripled my clientele in just a couple of months."

- Celia, Founder, Celia B


See, you can use the same system in this course to succeed in all kinds of businesses, products, services, and projects.

If you sell something now (e-commerce, coach, artist, insert anything here... etc.), and want to sell more products or get more clients… then this course will work for you.

If you’re in the corporate world and you’re sick of being chained to a desk, and you’re looking for a way out… then this course will work for you.

If you’re a committed beginner and know there’s more to the slow start you're experiencing… then this course will work for you.

So, you be the judge, do you wanna go through all the time, blood, sweat and tears to figure it all out? Or do you want these steps given to you in an easy to follow step-by-step package?

Your Instructor

Hugette Montesinos-Rodriguez
Hugette Montesinos-Rodriguez

So who’s the IG ninja that is gonna hook you up?

Hey boo! I’m your teach ova hea!!! I’m a sucker for sunset surf sessions, iced chais and The Office TV show…

I’m the CEO of Disfunkshion Magazine, a life + business coach and an educator. For over five years I’ve taught students from all over the globe at the University of Hawaii, (so yeah, I love to divulge a thing or two and get those aha! looks on people’s faces when they get something juicy!)

I used to wake up to an Instagram obsession every morning that would swallow me into the black hole of fear. Fear that the business would fail, fear that my Instagram had somehow stopped working, fear that I would no longer see growth, fear that I’d have to get a corporate job! Aaahhhh!!!!!

Until I decided to stop FREAKING OUT, study, test, ask, develop, try and BAMMM, I saw results! My Instagram sees a faithful tribe and online community and about 65-70% of sales come from my Instagram platform.

So yea, you can say I love Instagram. =)


“Because lets be real, being popular doesn’t mean paid.”

This is a big risk for me...

Not to worry my love! Instagram Abundance combines all my tried and tested strategies, which helped us double our following and triple our engagement in just a few months. And I’ve taught these strategies to numerous business owners and bloggers!

But, if you discover that this is not a good fit for you? Not to worry. I’ll give you a full refund within 15 days.

I want to give you time to test our system and see results. Cuz, I know you will! So after you've done all the course work, worksheets and activities, if you still feel the course didn't serve you, your money goes back to you.

This is the only chance to take advantage of all the added bonuses!


Here's what you can expect to learn...

Class Curriculum

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Available in days
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Available in days
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